Dan Wisner

Daniel Wisner was born in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania; a suburb of Philadelphia in 1992. He attended Kutztown University of Pennsylvania and received a Bachelors of Fine Arts with a focus on Fine Metals and Enamel. He started working with fine metals at the age of 11. The idea of making objects out of metal intrigued him so much that when he was allowed to take a class on metalsmithing he jumped on the opportunity. A year later he started his first apprenticeship with Kristen Alice Urffer, a well established local artist. After four years with Kristen he switched studios and began apprenticing with another  local metalsmith and professor at The Moore College of Art & Design; Dawn Bergmaier. He studied with her for 4 years, taking her college courses for high school credit, and learning about the production jewelry. He left for Kutztown and studied under James Malenda, a well respected and accomplished jeweler and enamelist. During his time at Kutztown, he also worked for Kiln Design Studio as their summer assistant during 2012. He learned to spin metal, an industrial technique that Kiln has used for their artistic ventures. He also furthered his learning in enameling while at Kiln. After graduating Kutztown University in 2014, he attended the Vermont Studio Center as a resident, two months later he turned as one of their seven awarded Staff Artists. During his year at the Vermont Studio Center he investigated social interactive work. For his solo exhibition on the grounds he conducted a fashion show, presenting the staff to the residents using their personal clothing to exemplify their lives there at the Studio Center as live in staff. Along with the fashion show he conducted an interactive piece using the audience and a singular question in order to remove social and personal walls. Daniel is currently attending the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, CA. He's pursuing a diploma in Jewelry Design and Technology to further his knowledge in production and design while maturing his technical ability in the ever changing market of jewelry.